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We are teachers, practitioners, and students of internal martial arts.  We work to present foundational concepts on tai chi that dramatically influence progress and are digestible by western readers.

The world of martial arts has yet to catch up on the explosion of information unleashed by the advent of the internet and the opening of China.  As we are asked questions by our students or debate topics at workshops, it is apparent that a base of knowledge has not been amassed to act as a platform for students to develop broadly and progress.

All contributions have been written and edited by long-time martial arts practitioners.  Additionally, a fair number of us are involved in the growing movement of western weight training and fitness that are (re) investigating eastern principles to safely increase strength, force, and agility.  It’s important to us to bring a practical understanding to the concepts that the I Ching, Tao, and Tai Chi introduce.

Upon launching this website we debated how to present the authors.  We have chosen to write collectively, without relation to our schools, styles, or personalities so that the reader builds a relationship with the content and not with an online persona.  It is important that readers connect with the information and have a way to 1) comment to further our growth and 2) question to continue theirs.

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We are humbled by co-author insights that we are asked to critique.   But by no means is our work complete.  If your experience allows you to better define a term or if a critical topic has not been covered, please share.  Feedback aids everyone’s development.

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