Hi TCB community!
A quick note on the posts that are going to be coming out over then next several months. We launched this survey “Deepen Your Tai Chi Practice” and had a really great response from many of you in the community. In putting together what people are struggling with and what people want to improve, we saw some significant trends.

People shared that they want greater connection, both physically to chi and to life itself.

People wanted more knowledge on being present, being conscious, or increasing their awareness.

People overwhelmingly wanted information on how to quiet/calm the mind.

So for the next several months I will write on these topics. I have compiled a lot of research in this area and will use these posts for synthesizing it and bringing it together.

Please continue to comment and post so that I can refine the content and keep moving in the right direction.

The first essay will be published in two days!

Yours in health.