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Internal Strength for Tai Chi – Hsing-I – Bagua


(as of 01/28/2016 at 03:32 UTC)


The power of the internal martial arts comes from physical skills. There is nothing mystical involved, yet many instructors focus on “cultivating chi” instead of internal body mechanics. Completely updated for 2015 — this DVD is popular with internal artists worldwide. It provides 2 hours 10 minutes minutes of detailed instruction on six crucial body mechanics for quality Tai Chi (Taiji), Hsing-I (Xingyi) and Bagua. Those skills include establishing the ground path, maintaining peng jin, whole-body movement, silk-reeling energy (spiraling movement), Dan T’ien rotation and opening/closing the Kua. Without these skills, your internal arts will be empty, and yet very few instructors put this instruction on video, and many instructors do not teach these skills at all. Sifu Ken Gullette teaches in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Included are 25 internal strength exercises that will help you understand how it all works together. You will also go into a workshop as Sifu Gullette works with martial artists of all styles as they work to understand these internal skills. The internal arts are martial arts. They were intended to be powerful fighting arts, but the body mechanics that give the arts relaxed power require a lot of work. Without these body mechanics, there will be no relaxed power. Tai Chi is described as “iron wrapped in cotton.” The relaxed appearance is the cotton. These body mechanics provide the iron. On this DVD, Sifu Gullette, who has learned from outstanding instructors including members of the Chen family, tries to teach in ways that other DVDs don’t. One DVD buyer said, “I always heard about these concepts, but never understood them until now.” A black belt in kung-fu who owned a school said of this DVD, “Why hasn’t anyone told me this until now?” There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • 2 Hours 10 Minutes of Detailed Instruction.
  • A Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • Six Key Body Mechanics for Quality Internal Kung-Fu
  • Ground Path, Peng Jin, Whole-Body Movement, Silk-Reeling Energy
  • Dan T’ien Rotation and Opening/Closing the Kua


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