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Term Glossary: Six Harmonies

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Six Harmonies


The Six Harmonies are practical instructions for posture and intention when practicing taichi or chi gung. They were recorded from older texts by Dai Long Bang in 1750.
External Harmonies
1) The hands harmonize with the feets.
2) The hips harmonize with the shoulders.
3) The elbows harmonize with the knees.

Internal Harmonies
1) The heart harmonizes with the intention.
2) The intention harmonizes with the Chi.
3) The Chi harmonizes with the movement.


Six Harmonies – The Cheat Sheet for Perfect Posture

              Here is a statement that needs to be intrinsically understood to progress in Tai Chi: Internal energy building and circulation, balance, and martial abilities are dependent on posture.  For those of you that are one step ahead of me, you are seeing the potential bang-for-your-buck by focusing on posture over other more trivial matters. Posture is the tai chi version of the Pareto Principle which states that 20% of your activities realize 80% of the results and vise-versa.  Small postural improvements ... Read More