3 Types of Tai Chi Swords - Know Before You Buy

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Tai-Chi swords fall into three general categories, and these are important to know about, because I think for many of us, when we began Tai Chi we ended up with the wrong sword or we ended up spending too much money or it didn't do anything to develop our tai chi.  I'm going to talk about the three different types of swords that you know, which one to buy in which one to choose. And at the end, I'm going to show you how to test the sword to make sure it works good for Tai Chi and you know which one to pick out. 
We have wood or practice swords, and nowadays there's also some plastic versions of these. The rest of the better looking swords fall into two categories. One that they call firm,  which I think is a nice way for saying kind of a long piece of metal, and then there's responsive. 
So on the wood aspect, as you'd expect, they're made of wood, they're very difficult to generate energy with. And when I say that, I mean that they don't respond. They're not flexible, but they're great. And they're 12, 18, 20 bucks and they come in wood or plastic. These are a really good choice if you're starting out. 
If you're new to Tai Chi and you're new to the sword, get one of these because the first several months of learning the sword forms are just choreography facing the right direction, moving in the right direction. And when it's time for you to upgrade, when you learn more of the form, then you have a practice sword for your friends or for your spouses or for your partner to share with the next category is they look pretty good.
The mid-line firm swords are tempting because they're not as expensive as a lot of the ones online. But the truth is that they are fairly heavy and it's not balanced. It's a thick metal. And if I were to try to issue energy into the sword, you would hear the pommels rattle.
But in essence, what you want is a sword that tells you whether you're moving with internal or external strength or both.  The responsive tai chi swords are the way to go for this. 
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