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Tai Chi Basics
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We are you.

We are teachers, practitioners, and students of internal martial arts. We work to present foundational concepts on tai chi that dramatically influence progress and are digestible by western readers. Enjoy this content, deepen or begin your development, and join the conversation.

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The Science Behind One Way that Tai Chi Increases Happiness:  Facial Expression

              My aim in writing these articles is to increase the number of people who benefit from the internal arts and to deepen the rewards experienced by those who have already begun. In this essay I will: Provide research related to your facial composition  and how tai chi increases happiness Show how one additional focus during and outside of practice will enrich your life The Inner Smile – A part of History Dating back hundreds of years we have been instructed on the on the importance of ... Read More
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The benefits of the tai chi long form over the short form

                  Most tai chi styles offer at least 2 forms:  long and short.  Some styles like Yang have categorized them into a multitude of sizes 18 - 24 - 48 - 83 - Tall - Grande - Venti... Let’s talk about the values of the different sizes of the forms.  In this article I am going to commend you for learning a short version of the form but also supply some physiological research as to why eventually pursuing the long form is ... Read More
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There has never been a better time to learn tai chi

Prominent scientist and lecturer Alan Leshner stated that “we have probably learned more about the brain in the past twenty years than in all of recorded history.”  I find this to an apt metaphor for tai chi too. More has been learned about tai chi (by Westerners) in the last 20 years than in the previous 2000 years combined. We are on the crest of an informational wave that is not only increasing the numbers of people who want to  learn tai chi ... Read More
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Can you learn tai chi from a book or video?

Let me start by saying that this is one of the most charged topics within the tai chi community.  Practitioners endlessly debate the benefits of teachers, styles and methods.     You have groups that are incensed by the mere idea of learning tai chi from a book.  On the other hand you have people who credit pursuing forms or information that they found in a book or video as their initial catalyst for progress. Let’s unravel each argument.  Hopefully by the end you ... Read More
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The Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

              We introduced brain entrainment in the first of these two articles : Quickly Reap the Rewards of Meditation: Introducing Brainwave Entrainment What is brain entrainment? Brain entrainment uses an external stimulus such as sound or light to cause brainwave frequencies to correspond with an intended brain-state for the purpose of inducing sleep or a deep meditative state. It is based on research showing that the human brain has a tendency to move towards a dominant frequency. The argument for brain entrainment The benefits of meditation ... Read More