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Tai Chi Basics
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Tai Chi and Healing – the other 80% of the story

Every time that I begin to talk about tai chi and healing I feel like I should be on a TV sales program.  “It slices, it dices…” as though I am promising the world and asking you for a small commitment (of just 3 installments of $19.99). But there is some truth to this.  In this essay let’s talk about the 80% of us who are not suffering from severe ailments (thankfully) and can keep it that way. The  Status Quo  Problem #1: Most ... Read More
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Why Study Tai Chi?  Adaptation

It is the perennial question:  “Why study tai chi?  There are a host of obvious answers such as fitness, health, community, interest, or culture.  But the truth is that any number of sports or hobbies can deliver on these promises.  Some are even better.  Here is one idea where tai chi truly stands out: Adaptation Tai chi is a systematic rewiring of your movements and breathing.  You breathe and move just fine last time you checked right?  Movements are based on habit ... Read More
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How the Buddha’s Teachings Relate to Tai Chi

Is Tai Chi Intended to be Spiritual or Religious? Tai chi can be as spiritual or non-spiritual as a practitioner makes it.  It has a heavy sense of good will and absolutely has a sacred feel.   Quotes and references abound about the similarities between tai chi and Buddhism/Daoism/Confucianism.   Some go as far as to say that Tai Chi is based on Daoism or that it runs parallel to the teachings of the I Ching (Book of Changes). On the other hand, ... Read More
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4 Easy Steps and 1 Great Reason to make Tai Chi a part of your Life

I recently received this feedback below from a long time practitioner about the content of this website. "…knowing everything about T'ai Chi is a lot different than making T'ai Chi a part of our life… This is something I rarely see in any of the educational media.  It is just assumed that the student will develop a practice but the reality is most students do most of their T'ai Chi in class. The most important thing is to do it, to make ... Read More
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Jumping Outside of the Form – How Tai Chi Influences our Daily Life

There is this general idea that tai chi should positively influence all aspects of your life after a while.  You practice the form diligently and somehow the tranquility and understanding that ensues flows like water out of your backyard and pervades all aspects of your life.  Aaaahhh. Malarkey you scream!   Way too touchy feely. Like every good tai chi concept, the answer is yes and no.  My non-tai chi life has benefitted immensely from my practice.  Let’s use this essay to describe ... Read More