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We have been studying and writing for a really long time and we know that this can be overwhelming if you are just starting out with tai chi. Here is a curated list of our most popular articles to help you get started. We broke them down into three sections: Beginners, Concepts for Practitioners, Wanting to Improve a Specific Condition.

You don’t need to follow a specific route through these essays. Choose the ones that peak your interest, match where you are in your learning, or match your goals. However, setting a goal to read the first two sections and the top articles in the third section will put you light years ahead in progress. Basically, we wish we knew this stuff on day one!

Enjoy and your comments on the articles are always welcomed. It is the comments and outreach from our community that lead to the compilation of this list, so pay it forward!

Tai Chi 101 – Basic Concepts and Ideas

What is Tai Chi? A Complete Explanation for Beginners and Practitioners

Tai Chi Warm Up Set – When do we get to the Good Stuff?

Tai Chi Stretches – Unknown and Hidden Health Benefits

Why Practice Tai Chi? Top 10 Reasons from a Data Study

The Benefits of Correcting Your Tai Chi Posture  

Basic Tai Chi Moves and Poses Explained in Picture and Video

Why is Tai Chi Repetitious? Benefitting from Monotony  

Learn Tai Chi at Home Successfully – How to Pick Great Resources

Tai Chi Shoes – Know Before You Buy      

Choosing the Best Tai Chi Clothing for You 

Tai Chi 201 – Concepts to Improve Your Practice

Tai Chi Origin and History – Bodhidharma to Modern Tai Chi Legends

The Three Dantians – Finding and Increasing Your Energy

Ming Men – Acupressure point with powerful implications

Tai Chi Breathing: 9 Guidelines to Improve Your Practice

Six Harmonies – The Cheat Sheet for Perfect Posture   

Finding, Building, Using, and Understanding Chi Energy

The Five Levels of Development in Tai Chi

The Art of Tai Chi Relaxation Techniques (Song) 

The Experts Weigh In: How to Do Tai Chi Correctly

Five Elements Theory 101 – Know to Basics to Get the Benefits

The Science Behind 4 Powerful Deep Breathing Techniques

One of the Most Important Tai Chi Concepts – Hsu and Shih

Understanding Chinese Symbolism in Tai Chi

How to Use Yin Yang Theory to Measure and Make Progress     

I Want to Improve a Specific Condition with Tai Chi

31 Clinically Proven Tai Chi Health Benefits

Understanding Tai Chi and Healing – Take Control of Your Health

Top Tai Chi Exercises for Specific Injuries and Illnesses with Videos       

Combined Tai Chi Research Evidence Grouped by Illness

How To Never Get Sick – A Tai Chi Case Study      

Specific Benefits of Tai Chi

Anxiety: The Science Behind Using Tai Chi for Anxiety and How You Can Benefit

Arthritis: The Evolution of Tai Chi for Arthritis – Research and Resources

Back Pain: How Does Tai Chi Help With Back Pain and How I Healed Mine

Depression: 2 Unique Reasons Why You Can Use Tai Chi for Depression – Research and Examples              

Diabetes: Why Everyone Should be Using Tai Chi for Diabetes Maintenance and Improvement

Fitness: How You Can Get Fit Doing a Tai Chi Workout Routine

Heart Health: An Explanation of the Research Connecting Tai Chi and Heart Health

Knee Pain: How to Perform Tai Chi Knee Exercises That Promote Health

Mental Health: Tai Chi Mental Health Benefits & 4 Myths About Quieting the Mind

Sleep: Taoism and How to Use Tai Chi for Sleep

Weight Loss: The Positive Research Results of Tai Chi for Weight Loss