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Tai Chi Basics

Daily Archives: February 2, 2013


The Experts Weigh In: 6 Ways to Avoid the Greatest Tai Chi Roadblocks

            On a break during a recent workshop with practitioners and teachers of many years expressed their envy to a newbie for being “so new” and for having the foresight to attend a workshop early on in his development.  The new student was confused by this and said “What do you mean, I don’t know anything!  I am new!”  The teachers responded nearly in unison “exactly.” This led to a spirited conversation of “I wish I would have known…” or “This sounds ... Read More

Breaking the Tai Chi Long Form into Teachable Segments

        In a recent workshop with Chen Zhenglei he presented the Old Frame in a manner that caught the significance of the overall form by breaking it down into digestible sections.  It was an eye-opening explanation of the purpose of each section and how they tie together. Learning the tai chi long form takes a while but it is a worthy pursuit because the payoff is huge.  The tai chi long form is the equivalent to a moving Bible.  It is the ... Read More

Understanding Jing Energy in Tai Chi Chu’an and Life

            Two major definitions are acceptable for Jing energy depending on how you look at it.  There is a spiritual connotation that describes an energy that is created from your essence.  On the medical side,  Jing takes on a biochemical characteristic that is found in all fluids and continues to originate from our center due to DNA.  Both definitions allude to Jing being a substance or amount.  Decisions we make such as drinking alcohol or too much sex deplete Jing.  Exercise, ... Read More