Improve Your Tai Chi Practice

A Survey to Help you Improve Your Tai Chi Practice

This amazing community increasingly asks for ways to improve their tai chi practice and have tai chi dramatically impact on their lives. Please take two minutes to share your thoughts and I will commit to creating something to help you improve your practice. If you are interested, leave your email at the end. I may reach out to you to talk to get a clearer idea of what you need!

The Results are In!

I am very excited for two reasons.

1. Over 120 of you responded to the survey that we posted asking you what are you struggling with and how you want to deepen your tai chi, qi gong, or meditation practice.

The results showed general trends and also that we are more alike than we are different.

Most people are practicing to:

  • Improve health, flexibility, and fitness
  • Increase inner peace and self-knowledge
  • heal an injury or condition

Most people are struggling with or would like to improve:

  • Meditation and calming the mind
  • Remembering the form and the sequence
  • Practicing outside of class with a busy life
  • Breathing


2.  We found solutions for some the things that we are struggling with most!

It is so difficult to find quality resources that actually improve a practitioner’s abilities when they don’t have access to high-level instruction.  We reached out to the Satori Method group and got access to some of the leading instructors in qi gong and meditation.  Their courses are renowned for their success at transmitting knowledge and skills to practitioners everywhere.  Click through to read about these two courses and then see below for your free bonus.

Easily and Effectively Learn Qi Gong

Good Morning – Good Evening Qi Gong

Learning Qi Gong can positively improve your balance, fitness, stress, and state of mind.  It is also one of the most effective ways to improve your breathing and oxygenate the body.

  • The instruction is top-notch and both authors have an incredible level of experience.
  • The video segments are professional and easy to follow.
  • You need less than 10 minutes per day.
  • The course is built into 4 parts designed to be learned in about one month.
  • You learn a new segment each week to add on to the prior weeks segment as your power builds.
  • If you are new to qi gong it is perfect.  If you have been practicing for awhile it is also perfect.
  • You can build your knowledge and qi to a level that you can effectively teach.  If you have a dream ofteaching qi gong they have another course to help you do that too.

Learn to Meditate or Take Your Practice to a Deeper Level

The Art of Mushin Meditation

We have all heard about the benefits of meditation and finally there is a course that can make it a reality no matter what level you are starting at or how busy your life is.  or too long we have been hearing about the benefits of meditation but lack proper instruction and knowledge to positively change our lives.  And if you don’t benefit from meditation, is the teacher to blame?  Of course not.  You are…sitting wrong/not spiritual enough/not calm enough/not fill-in-the-blank enough.  Thousands attempt meditation and are left feeling badly because of a lack of success rather than feeling actual improvement in their lives.  Are you ready to learn how to meditate within the reality of having a job and busy life?  Check out this course.  Do you already meditate and want to increase your effectiveness?  Check out this course.  Even if you have “tried” meditation before, check out this course.

And a Bonus!  A Free Course for TaiChi Basics Readers

There was great interest through the survey for ways to have the positive effects of tai chi and qi gong positively influence our daily lives. This short 15-minute Energy Activator routine will help you…

➜ Remove Negative Energy blocks from your body AND mind.
➜ Supercharge your Energy Body for amplified vitality & healing.
➜ Create an Energy Field that protects you through the day!

Read More and Access The Full Body ENERGY ACTIVATOR!

Thank you for all your contributions!

Yours in health,

Scott and the Team and TaiChiBasics